Road Transport

the main scope of our business, carriage of loads via road motor vehicles has been the solid base of our ever-expanding services since 1990. We have built our road transport services portfolio thanks to our rich practical experience, especially in the category of road vehicles under 4 tons, among other. We ensure transportation using box-type trucks, tarpaulin-covered three-way loading trucks, including the possibility to remove tarpaulin to facilitate crane-handled loading.
Our road transport vehicles include flatbed trucks especially suitable for transportation of construction materials and equipment. Selected vehicles possess a hydraulic tailgate lift with load capacity up to 1000 kg, with an accessorial hand pallet truck at disposal. Inland road transport constitutes the substantial part of the incoming demand for our services, but we also take care of inbound international road transport from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Poland and Slovakia. In discharging our services to the maximum satisfaction of our customers, we have also expanded the scope of our transportation activities to include carriage of overseas containers with cargo capacity 27 tons.